The Education Program is a key feature of each EQUITANA and one of the main reasons visitors travel from all over Australia and overseas to come to the event.

The program offers the unique opportunity to meet and learn from a diverse range of highly respected Australian and International equine experts, all in one location.

EQUITANA provides a platform to present displays, seminars, interactive question and answer sessions and training demonstrations which cover a range of disciplines and topics such as English and Western sports, equine health and care, natural therapies and horsemanship. All presented in purpose built demonstration arenas to ensure that visitors and Educators get the most from their Education experience.

For more information on the Education program, contact Bonnie Carr.

Timothy Barnes

Tim Barnes is the President of the EDAA (Equine Dental Association of Australia). He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Equine Studies (Charles Sturt University) and a Certificate in Equine Dentistry (University of Melbourne). Tim has been an Equine Dental Technician and a member of the EDAA since 2004.

The EDAA is Australias oldest dental association and runs a Certificate IV in Equine Dentistry in conjunction with NCEE (National Centre for Equine Education) and the University of Melbourne. Tim has been a member of the EDAA committee for several years and is actively involved with teaching and assessing students.

Tim has been involved with horses since childhood, attending Pony Club at Kergunyah in North East Victoria from age ten. Eventing became his main equestrian passion, competing at both state and national levels in Pony Club as well as EFA competitions to Novice level. After graduating from Charles Sturt University Tim worked at Coolmore Stud in the Hunter Valley and Newhaven Park Stud at Boorowa. His duties included stallion and broodmare care and yearling preparation.

Tim is a kind and compassionate horseman who takes great pride in both his horse handling skills and equine dental work. He runs a full time business, servicing the Southern Highlands, Illawarra, Shoalhaven, Southern Tablelands, Western Sydney and Central West of NSW. He provides dental care to the racing and performance horse industries and has treated champion racehorses and performance horses, as well as the horses used in the movie AUSTRALIA.

Ian Bidstrup

Treating spinal pain and dysfunction of horses has been Dr Ian Bidstrups obsession for the last 18 years of his 35 years as a veterinarian. Qualifications from both Australia and America include a Masters Degree in Chiropractic Science for animals and Certification in Acupuncture from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. Therapeutic approaches also include Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy), Neural Therapy and Homotoxicology. Particular interests include birth trauma, girth pain, kissing spines, stifle lock, sacro-iliac joint complex dysfunction and saddle related spinal pain.

Between 2002 and 2009 Ian was one of the principal lecturers in Animal Chiropractic at RMIT University Graduate Diploma in Animal Chiropractic. Also from 2000 to present he has been one of the principal lecturers at the ASFA Saddle Fit Accreditation and Advanced Accreditation courses, and is the Editor of the course manuals. He is rated as a Master Saddle Fitter by ASFA. Ian is a Board Member of the Animal Biomechanical Professionals Australia, formerly known as the Australian Veterinary Chiropractic Association. Ian is also a member of veterinary professional associations AVA, EVA, AVAG, and IVAS.

Jessica Blackwell

Jessica Blackwell hails from a scientific background, but has a love for horses and Equine therapy. Jessica has been a competitive rider since 1995 and has also been involved in breeding and rehabilitation. She has multiple qualifications in the Equine therapy field (Sports Massage, Bodywork, Myofascial Release, Red Light Therapy, Tissue Mobilisation, Taping and Reiki) and has also done extensive study in Biomechanics, anatomy and exercise physiology. She has been fortunate to have trained under some of the worlds best including: Dr Barb Crabbe, Dr Eleanor Kellon, the late Dr Kerry Ridgeway, Gillian Higgins, Ruth Mitchell-Golliday, Sharon May Davis, Di Jenkins and more. Jessica has been a full time professional equine therapy practitioner since 2005 utilising not only her hands on techniques but also a range of other tools including ultrasound, infrasound, photonic therapy, microcurrent therapy, taping and more.

Since having a baby she mainly only works in rehabilitation and vet referrals now. Jessica runs Equestricare Pty Ltd and teaches a Certificate in Equine Sports Massage and Tissue Mobilisation Australia Wide. She has been teaching since 2008 and has guest lectured at many events. She was also commissioned in 2012 to write the new manual and online course for Equissage and has published two books and two DVDs on Basic Horse Massage Techniques and Tissue Mobilisation for Horses and was one of the first published horse massage DVDs for a female in Australia.

She has also been honoured with numerous awards for Equestricare including Telstras Most Innovative Business Woman of the Year and runner up Young Business Woman of the Year, and Marcus Oldhams first ever female Graduate of Excellence. She is dedicated to helping horses become pain free and owners find new careers in Horse Massage and is looking forward to seeing what will develop in the years to come.

Melissa Blair

Growing up riding Melissa always had a particular passion for training horses. She spent hours at clinics and reading books, as well as riding and working on her own horses, finding the softest way to work with them effectively. Learning and teaching both horses and people was always her passion! In her gap year after high school Melissa got her first proper horse job. She worked at a Standardbred stud handling weanlings, and after weanling season she stayed on there as a stable hand and driver, then went on to do yearling preparation with Standardbreds as well. Having never worked with Standardbreds at all before her first job, she was quite surprised by what nice horses they were to work with. It was not a breed Melissa had ever considered as anything but a harness racing horse, but after12 months working with them, it left her a lot of food for thought.

After a couple of years in a non horse related degree at university, spending every weekend and holidays back home working with horses, she followed her heart, dropped out of uni and went to the National College of Traditional Medicine to study Equine Myofunctional Therapy. She loved the course and became a qualified Equine Myofunctional Therapist.

Having continued` working in the harness racing industry whilst at uni and college, it was inevitable she got her first Standardbred as a riding horse. This horse, named Nories Special, blew her away, proving to her that all the rumours about Standardbreds being horrible riding horses wrong! Norie was so amazing that he is the horse that prompted Melissa to start a Standardbred re-education and rehoming program! From there Melissa began working part time as an Equine Myofunctional Therapist and part time working on re educating and rehoming standardbreds off the track. Melissa has now re-educated and rehomed over 110 Standardbreds, for many different disciplines. She has also competed successfully in showing, dressage and jumping on her beloved Standardbreds.

Andrew Bowe

Andrew began his working life as a traditional farrier in 1990 after completing an applied science degree and shod horses full time for quite some years. He is a trade accredited and race track licensed farrier. About 15 years ago, his career began turning away from tradition and he started exploring the concept of barefoot rehabilitation as an alternative to corrective shoeing. This move was driven by the frustration of not being able to provide long term solutions to common chronic lameness problems such as laminitis, navicular, ringbone, sidebone etc. within the confines of traditional farriery. With his wife Nicky he set up a bare hoofcare rehabilitation facility at the family farm (Mayfield) in central Victoria to treat the increasing number of chronically lame horses that they were being asked to help, particularly those with serious laminitis. Over a decade later and Mayfield continues to have a steady stream of lame horses passing through and they have a very high success rate. They also became increasingly aware that the best hooves are not those trimmed by the best therapists every six weeks, but the best hooves are those trimmed by horse owners every two or three weeks, so they began teaching horse owners how to maintain their own hooves and now run popular workshops Australia wide.

Along the way they met Mike and Chrisann Ware who were also teaching horse owners how to trim and together they set up a course to train professional hoof therapists. This led to the formation of the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy which now teaches a nationally accredited diploma level course. Some years ago (after a potentially career ending injury) Andrew also completed a journalism course and now writes hoof care related articles that aim to disseminate current equine hoof science to the wider equine community.

When he is not teaching or writing or helping out at Mayfield, he continues to work as a podiotherapist on a large number of horses across a wide range of equestrian disciplines; always striving to blend the contradicting goals of equine athletic performance and long term soundness.

Johnnie Clem

Johnie Clem has trained cutting horses for 25 years. During this time he has amassed a record of Super Stakes Limited Open Champion and Reserve National Champion Titles. Johnie was introduced and started to compete in the Extreme Cowboy Challenge in 2013.

In three short years he has become a finalist in the futurity 3 times, as well as winning the 2015 National Championship, 2016 Reserve National Green Horse Champion, 2016 Pro National Reserve Champion and 2015 Reserve World Futurity Champion. He was recently invited to compete at The Best of the Best Cowboy up Challenge Calgary Stampede, against 10 of the best riders in Canada and the USA. He has judged at the world championships and is a level three judge. Johnie loves the sport because of the great equine partners that this sport makes out of a horse.

Louisa Collins

Cheryl Cruttenden

Horses have taught Cheryl that what is important is how you show up in the world, that leading your life or leading your horse requires the ability to be an embodied leader who is clear, consistent and congruent. Growing up with the family business, Cheryl was involved with breeding, training and racing, attending pony club and adult riders, then onto teaching riding, working at studs in the USA and leading treks and managing a riding barn in the UK.

Learning Tai Chi over 30 yrs ago, she discovered how martial arts concepts, along with the power of chi' breath awareness and intention, can impact the horse. This led to growing explorations in the 2 way herd effect of the energetic and emotional connections between horses and humans, which opened up a whole new way of horsemanship that could be applied to personal growth and awareness - integrating the principles of intent, posture and movement for developing authentic connection and relationship.

Attending various good horsemanship' clinics over the last 17 years provided additional insights and discovering the field of Equine Facilitated Learning led her to training in a number of USA based models and approaches in this field. Fascinated with the rapid rise in neuroscience and nervous system studies, she combines these findings with wisdom practices and her training in mindfulness, to pioneer a coaching approach that partners humans and horses in Whole Body Intelligence - communicating with, aligning and integrating your multiple centers of intelligence to create The Head, Heart & Hara of Horsemanship.

In addition, Cheryl is trained in a number of BodyMind based coaching approaches and conducts programs in partnership with Horse as Teacher, along with Embodied Horsemanship, and Chi and Horses clinics for equestrians through Windhorse Wisdom, and through the Centre for Equine Experiential Learning, conducts equine facilitator training for those seeking skills to facilitate horse human interactions. She regularly presents at conferences and runs programs in Australia and overseas.

Todd Cunningham

Todd Cunningham, founder and director of Equestrian Land Developments Pty Ltd, has spent most of his life around horses. Todd grew up on a horse spelling complex with up to 120 horses at any one time. Todd has gained a vast knowledge of horses hooves, legs and muscles from his father, a Master Farrier.

On leaving the farm, Todd pursued a career in earthmoving. During this time he worked on and managed many large construction sites and property developments. Todd also travelled around the world on a number of occasions working in a variety of countries gaining experience in many locations and situations. His work involved excavation and construction on dry land and also underwater excavation.

Amalgamating deep passion, expertise and experience in both fields, Todd founded Equestrian Land Developments in 2000. Equestrian Land Developments is an earthworks company specialising in equestrian arena construction (ELD Arena Construction) and catering specifically for equestrian earthworks. Equestrian Land Developments also assists clients in all facets of property development from choosing the ideal property, to placement of infrastructure, layout and design. Equestrian Land Developments offers advice and tools for Arena Maintenance which is often overlooked and underemphasised. An arena is a large investment and not unlike any other product requires ongoing maintenance and servicing to keep performing at its best.

Due to popular request from customers, Equestrian Land Developments expanded from ELD Arena Construction to include ELD Sheds & Stables. Customers were requesting good quality products from knowledgeable staff. Clientele now have even more options for developing their dream properties. The long term goal of Equestrian Land Developments is to fulfil all design and construct requirements of those who have a passion for horses.

Adele Edwards

Adele Edwards has won every major barrel race in the eastern states in the last ten years. She is renowned as a top level breeder, trainer and competitor. Adele and her husband Darrell own Quarter Horses. Standing the stallion Roc N Morn, they have proven time and time again they have the knowledge to breed and develop top level barrel racing horses for the Australian market.

Adele is a proven trainer of young horses. She has won all major barrel racing futurities in the past few years aboard horses that she has trained herself. These horses have then gone on to be successful for other riders. She holds several national titles in barrel racing which she has won on different horses. Adele further proved her worth as a barrel racing trainer when she won the EQUITANA Australian Open Barrel Race in 2012 on her then eight year old gelding Moon Roc.

The popularity of Adeles methods has seen her in demand as a clinician. She emphasises the importance of good horsemanship to ensure that barrel horses are able to excel in the arena. She has a simple formula for barrel racing success that can be followed by even beginners to the sport. Her strong horsemanship skills have made her successful at retraining problem horses and helping those whose horses are not performing at their best. She does this in a positive and calm manner ensuring that both horse and rider can understand what she is trying to achieve.

Adele has spent time training with the best in the world to hone her skills. She is a well-respected horsewoman who has something to offer anyone interested in barrel racing.

Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards, MHSM, PGDAN (Emerg), PGDAN (Mid), RN is a woman on a mission to give horse owners the skills and confidence to care for their horse effectively when things go wrong. With a background in Emergency trauma nursing and a lifelong love of riding and training horses, Amanda wrote the book on first aid and emergency response for horse owners - literally! First Response - A Practical Guide to Caring for Your Sick or Injured horse was successfully launched in 2014. This, along with practical workshops covering equine first aid and care of the sick or injured horse, have systematically been giving horse owners practical tools and information that works. Amanda's engaging style makes learning fun and interesting and delivers information that is a must for every horse owner.

Emily Fowles

Emily Siri Fowles has been dedicated to perfecting equitation since childhood. Extensive research from primary sources on the methods of Francois Baucher,Gustav Steinbrecht, Fran Robichon de La Gu, and Pluvinel in her professional life was incorporated into her own riding, training and instructing yielding success with own her horses and her students.

A diverse variety of students from many walks of life, with many aims and an equally diverse group of horses of many breeds, ages, backgrounds, conformations and issues has given extensive practical experience in how to adapt many methods to meet the training requirements of these principles, avoiding "one size fits all" technique. She is also unique in Australia and one of only a handful world wide in her use and knowledge of the single pillar as a training tool. This almost forgotten and long-ignored method has extensive applications and extraordinary ability to supple and strengthen the horse.

Adding to this she also brings an extensive and high level background in both eastern and historically accurate western martial arts in Longsword, Italian Sabre, etc. including mounted skill-at arms both mounted-to-ground combatant and rider to rider. This unique combination gives additional understanding to the bio-mechanics, balance and historical roots of classical equitation as a means of war.

Where function develops form, form can never be incorrect. While the use of horses may have evolved over the years, keeping true to the test of function ensures form does not stray from it's correct and truest values.

Yvette Frahn

Yvette began her equine career like many do, by drawing horses until she could own one. Between the age of 4 (when she saw her first horse) and 12 when she actually got one, she pursued with single minded dedication the ambition to be able to draw them well. The distinctive style of Yvettes horse art exude an intense life, with a feeling of intimacy. She is utterly passionate about the process of creating vibrant equine images in inks and pastels.

A successful early career in Showjumping led to studying horse husbandry but she soon found art was more important to her, attending university to gain degrees in visual arts, education and business. Yvette's mantra as an artist is 'Know Your Subject', to achieve this she has studied equine anatomy and particularly skeletal anatomy. Her straightforward demonstrations, along with an uncanny ability to communicate complex ideas in an easy to understand language makes her an effective teacher. She encourages artists of all ages and levels of expertise to develop the many exciting skills of equine art both practical and theoretical. For her it has always been important to share her knowledge and support others to pursue their potential, equipping them with the tools to succeed.

Yvette is able show how simple it is to improve skill in drawing so your horses look amazing. She is a full time artist and works from her Tractor Shed Studio on the family farm in the Northern Mallee of South Australia, selling exquisite equine art worldwide. Yvette also conducts private art classes and workshops around the country. Her latest adventures expanding her international career have led to selection to exhibit her latest works in the US in August at the world famous Horses In Art Show at the Quarterhorse Hall of Fame in Texas

Mitchell Gollan

Mitch was born and raised on a cattle and sugar cane property in northern New South Wales where he began riding horses at a very early age. It was the rodeo and bull riding industry however, that consumed his early childhood and adolesence, where he qualified and placed in the National Bull Riding Championships. He then ventured to Queendsland to work as a Jackaroo where he developed a passion for starting and educating horses.

Mitch met his wife Leiza in 2005 and soon after established their business 'Mitch Gollan Horsemanship". Mitch's journey so far has allowed him to gain hands on experience whilst developing the methods he incorporates today. This includes but is not limited to: - Travelling around Australia starting mustering plant horses and conducting clinics and training in all levels of Horsemanship and liberty training - Handling and starting over 1100 horses including station bred stock horses, brumbies, quarter horses, warmbloods and thoroughbred race horses in Australia and Malaysia - Gaining a wealth of competitive experience, including winning Cloncurry Show Stockman's Challenge, Runner Up in the National Invitational RM Williams Company Challenge and Campdraft, placing in Horse of the North and many more.

Mitch has a strong desire to educate and support both the horse and rider on their journey to acheiving their goal in education and achievements, regardless of their age, level or chosen discipline.

Malcolm Green

At both school and university Malcolm was taught that the world of science is more about what we don't know that what we do know. He was taught to be prepared to question everything. Research funding for both equine nutrition and equine health is very limited and many of the few studies carried out start from assumptions that turn out not to be correct. This is certainly an issue with Big Head.

Malcolm is passionate that a close connection between the technical people and real people and horses in the market, combined with good observational skills and a questioning mind is crucial to identifying these questionable assumptions.

Calinnova Ltd won a UK National Innovation Award for this approach in 2014. Malcolm's chelated calcium technology is patented in three countries and patent pending in about 30 others.

Steve Halfpenny

Steve Halfpenny, founder of Light Hands Equitation, has been working with horses for over 30 years and travels extensively delivering clinics around Australia, NZ, UK and Germany. Steves key focus has been to find an easier way for the hose and rider to communicate.

Steves training methods are extremely successful in developing a safe relaxed horse, whether for pleasure riding or high level competition in all disciplines. This technique is also beneficial in increasing the horses gymnastic ability, to create softness and improve communication. Steve encourages riders to develop a much lighter contact while enhancing responsiveness, timing and feel between horse and rider; building confidence in both themselves and their horse.

Damian Hall

Wayne Hipsley

A lifetime professional horseman from Lexington, KY , Wayne was a former professor teaching equine studies and breed association CEO. Today, he devotes time to the horse industry as a multi-licensed horse show judge, equine consultant and instructor, and expert in equine legal related matters.

Wayne has conducted equine education programs in 8 countries for over 15 different equine breed and equestrian discipline societies. He has been a featured instructor at Equitana-Australia, Equi-Days-New Zealand, Colorado Equine Expo and many more venues. He is active in the horse judging world, having judged national, regional, open and breed shows for Arabians, Appaloosas, Andalusians, Friesians, Morgans, Paint, Pinto, POA, Miniatures, Haflingers, Norwegian Fjords, Mules, Donkeys, Draft and Draft Hitches, 4-H, Western Dressage Equitation and Working Equitation.

Peter Horobin

Peter Horobin has spent many years educating himself on saddle fitting and equine biomechanics to then incorporate this knowledge into cutting edge technology in the saddle manufacturing industry. Having an extensive knowledge of saddles and being a horseman himself, he is always continuing to lead and evolve the saddle manufacturing industry into new dimensions of engineering and design.

With a passion for horse racing not only is Peter educated in the performance world but also has the opportunity to work with professionals in the racing industry to improve and evolve the thoughts and concepts of saddle fit within a racing stable. Peter is an expert in the field of saddle fitting and with a simple approach endeavours to educate riders about the simple and effective tools which can be used at home to recognise incorrect saddle fit.


Dr Peter Huntington
Dr. Huntington is an external lecturer and examiner at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Science program and holds numerous other appointments in the horse industry. He is a past president and editor of the Australian Equine Veterinary Association and has been a Trustee of the Australian Horse Industry Council for a number of years. In 1993 he joined Rhone-Poulenc Animal Nutrition (RPAN) as Director of Equine Nutrition to spearhead their horse nutrition division. This commenced a relationship with Kentucky Equine Research (KER), who provided consultancy services to RPAN. In 1999, KER established an Australasian operation with Dr. Huntington as Director of Equine Nutrition. Dr. Huntington travels widely to consult with horse owners and managers on equine nutrition and to lecture on the subject. Dr. Huntington is the author of the popular book Horse Sense The Guide to Horse Care in Australia and New Zealand 2nd edition published in 2005 and is a respected author of many articles and papers on a variety of topics relating to equine nutrition.

Dan James

A competitor, trainer, teacher and performer Dan James is setting the horse world on fire. Born in Queensland Australia on a cattle farm he began his lifelong passion for horses at an early age. Starting his first colt in his teens sparked a hunger to better understand the horse and become a better trainer.

James began traveling the world as a student of the horse, developing the methods he uses today as Double Dan Horsemanship with his partner Dan Steers. Together they teach their methods and inspire audiences around the world with exhilarating performances that showcase what is possible through understanding, trust and an everlasting love of the horse.

Recognised as a world class performer, James displays a connection with horses that inspires and excites audiences where ever he performs. From the thrill of roman riding and cracking stock whips set on fire to provoking emotion with beautiful liberty performances, James and his horses remind us all that through understanding and trust anything is possible.

Just a few accomplishments as a competitor include being the 2012 Road to the Horse World Champion, 2014 Freestyle Reining World Champion at the Kentucky Reining Cup, Mustang Million Finalist and winning the Way of the Horse at Equitana Asia Pacific.

During the Mustang Million James and the mustang Punk were deeply honored as spectators voted them the overall Fan Favorite for an exhilarating display of horsemanship. To James competition is not about winning, it is about improving. Refining skills and learning while strengthening the partnership with the horse. To become better at understanding the horse.

For James, teaching the Double Dan Horsemanship method around the world is a dream come true. Being able to meet people who share a Love of the Horse and help them on their journey to become better horsemen is rewarding. With simple to follow instruction, students find the Double Dan Horsemanship method easy to follow while they learn not just a method, but to also understand the nature of the horse to build a close trusting relationship.

Paula Jeffery

Paula Jeffery is a Registered Qualified Saddlefitter with the UK Society of Master Saddlers. Along with 2 other Saddlefitting Qualifications, Paula is a highly experienced rider and trainer; a non practising EFA General Level 1 and AHRC Coach, riding for 30yrs and coaching for 18 yrs, with 7 years of those training and competing overseas in UK and Europe as a dressage rider at FEI level.

Paula's passion for all things equine started at a young age and like most young girls was a horse mad teenager. With a fascination for dressage, after leaving school she decided that she wanted to learn from the best and took herself off to train in the UK and Europe. Having ridden with and been influenced by many top trainers, she considers the pinnacle to be training in Austria with Hans Reigler, Senior Rider of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna with her FEI horse. Throughout the many professional barns in which she trained overseas, saddlefitting was given high importance and it became another aspect of horsemanship that she was keen to learn more of as she continued training, coaching and competing. Returning to Australia, she continued coaching until the opportunity arose to manage and then own Saddleworld Canberra, and to focus on saddlefitting. After 8 years life changed dramatically with the birth of her daughter and she closed the business in 2012. She opened Performance Saddlefits as a mobile business to allow her flexibility to be a mum and still enjoy her lifelong passion of helping horses and riders achieve their best.

Paula believes that owner education is the key to improving the health, welfare and performance of horses, and that a basic understanding of correct saddle fit is every horse lovers responsibility. With this as a primary aim, she conducts Saddlefitting Seminars for Equestrian Clubs and Groups in many states, has trained more saddlefitters to become SMS Qualified, and has released online educational tools and courses.

Bo Jen?00000000

Patrik Kittel

Carol Layton

Carol Layton B.Sc M.Ed (Balanced Equine) is an independent equine nutritionist with a science background and a passion for the optimal feeding of horses, based on common sense and evidence based practice.

In 2008, Carol enrolled in equine nutrition courses provided by Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD and has never stopped studying. In 2009, Dr Eleanor Kellon asked her to tutor students in the online nutrition course called NRCPlus and is still tutoring students today. Carol is currently a lecturer in equine nutrition for the nationally recognised Certificate of Equine Hoof Care course. Carol is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge of equine nutrition, so far she has been a speaker at a number of conferences in Australia, the Functional Hoof conferences in 2011 (Werribee) and 2014 (Daylesford) and in 2012 Carol was a keynote speaker at the World Hoof Care Conference in Prague and in 2016 at the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners Conference in the USA. She explains the myths, fads and marketing ploys, and advocates simple, holistic and cost effective feeding plans for all horses including high performance horses, and breeding.

Carol's expertise in equine nutrition is not simply about what to feed but also how to best support horses. Specialised feeding advice is provided for veterinary diagnosed issues such as tying up, EPSM/PSSM, ulcers, diarrhoea, Cushings/PPID, sugar sensitivity/insulin resistance and those predisposed to laminitis.

Carol has had horses most of her life and in the last 15 years has been a keen competitor in endurance riding. Her own endurance horse, Omani Mr Squiggle was a 2009 Australian National Points and Distance horse. Together they have completed at top levels, including the 400 km marathon, Shahzada, NSW State Championship rides and the national championship, the 160 km Tom Quilty.

Leonie Lee

Leonie Lee has ridden and trained horses most of her life. She is a qualified architect and has lectured in design at Deakin University, and wrote the first equine facilities design course in Australia which she has taught in Equine Management at Marcus Oldham College in Geelong for over 12 years.

Soon after completing her final year design thesis in the Bachelor of Architecture, which focussed on the research and development of an inclusive equestrian centre accommodating people with disabilities, Leonie started up her own design company where she continued to develop her expertise in equine facility design and universal access. Completed projects include the much-acclaimed thoroughbred training complex for Freedman Brothers Racing on the Mornington Peninsula, an innovative equine rehabilitation centre and a boutique stable adaptation of an apple orchard shed for a dressage rider.

Leonie's principal interest in equine facility design is accommodating the evolutionary needs of the horse in the built environment. Her design objectives are clear: to improve the welfare and performance of horses by creating enhanced and more appropriate facilities and conditions for them to live and train in. Leonie continues to work with world-renowned equine scientists and veterinarian and in recognition of her increasingly specialist knowledge, Leonie has been described by leading equine veterinary scientist Paul McGreevy as a very important link in the process of improving the welfare of the stabled horse. Leonie balances scientific study with on the ground experience, regularly visiting and talking with trainers, managers and owners of many premier horse training and breeding establishments Australia-wide and internationally. Leonie is committed to bridging the gap between science and practice, raising the awareness of the horse owner/trainer on the value of well designed built environments for horses.

Anthony Lucia

Anthony began performing at age 8 with his dad Tommy Lucia. He made his debut as a trick roper at the age of 11 in 1998 doing opening acts for the World's Toughest rodeo tour. He began doing media appearances at the age of 17 all over the country at different rodeos and events at the request of the producers. His first year professional he trick roped at rodeos such as Salt Lake City, Dodge City, Rodeo Austin, and North Platte Nebraska.

In the team roping world he has placed at the George Strait two different times. He placed 8th in 2011 and 5th in 2014. In 2015 Anthony won or placed at rodeos across Texas and Oklahoma such as San Angelo, Corpus Christi, Graham, Guymon, Pasadena, Vernon, Mesquite, Fairfield, and Mercedes. He is also a TV announcer for the "Gold Buckle Matches" For RFD TV's The American 2016. Anthony was selected to perform at the National Finals Rodeo In Las Vegas Nevada 4 years in a row, as well as being selected and recognized as one of the top 5 entertainers in all of Pro rodeo 3 different times. He has appeared on Americas Got Talent, featured In Multiple television commercials nation wide and as a headlining entertainer from coast to coast and border to border of America.

David Manchon

Sue Martin

Treating horses to ensure long term success and optimum health has long been a passion that has seen Sue continue her research and extend her knowledge over a number of years. Starting as a body worker, Sue saw the need to have an understanding of a number of areas and it wasn't long before she extended her study, graduating as an Equine Naturopath. After putting her qualifications to practice, Sue was offered a position teaching the subjects that had become quite an obsession and continued to share her knowledge lecturing the subjects of Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Myofunctional Therapy and Pasture Management. Seeing the benefit of other modalities Sue then studied and graduated in the areas of Equine Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Shiatsu and travelled to France where she completed her qualification in Iridology. From here Sue studied Craniosacral and then Equine Facilitated learning. This has enabled Sue to introduce the "non horsey" community to the many ways in which this intuitive creature can help humans to move forward and realize their potential.

The founder of Natural Equine Health Herbal products and consultations, Sue produced a herbal range which is now distributed around Australia to owners who prefer the natural approach. A combination of Science and the overlap of Natural Therapies that Sue uses has allowed her to treat horses in Australia as well as the UK and Europe. Because the long term health is so important, Sue's assessments include an overlap of therapies including nutrition, supplementation (if needed), musculature, iridology, acupuncture, craniosacral and Bowen therapy.

As Sue continues to work with horses, she knows that each individual horse will bring with it an inspiration to seek the knowledge needed to ensure horses in her care will live a long, happy and healthy life.

James Masterson

Jim Masterson has been the Equine Massage-Bodywork Therapist for the 2006 to 2014 USEF Endurance Teams, and has worked on thousands of horses competing at top level Hunter-Jumper horse shows in the United States, and in FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Equestrian Games competitions.

Jim recognized early in his career that the horse exhibits certain neurological responses to touch as it releases tension in the body. Using those responses to guide his work, he developed a system in which the horse participates in the process by showing the practitioner where tension has accumulated, precisely how much pressure is needed to release it, and when it has been released. The result is an effective method of equine body work that anyone can learn to use, that will improve performance and at the same time open new levels of communication and trust with the horse.

Jim and his instructors teach The Masterson Method a unique method of equine bodywork to horse owners and therapists around the world. Jim is the author of the book and companion DVD of the same name, Beyond Horse Massage. He co-authored with Gold Medal rider, Betsy Steiner and Certified Practitioner, Coralie Hughes the DVD, Dressage Movements Revealed, and companion book, The Dressage Horse Optimized.

Trisha McCagh

Trisha McCagh is an internationally acclaimed animal communicator, speaker and author (Stories from the Animal Whisperer Allen & Unwin publishers). Due to her extensive experience she has been invited to share her amazing insights on television, radio, and newspapers both nationally and internationally. She is currently in talks with TV networks to create her own program showcasing this amazing human/animal connection. Through her consultations and courses she takes people on a journey into a different world, with a new perception of animals and nature.

Growing up in the suburbs of Perth Western Australia, and completing high school, Trisha studied at university to be a dental hygienist. She enjoyed a successful career in dentistry for many years, but it wasn't until she relocated to Sydney that she discovered her hidden abilities in intuitive communication with animals.

Trisha studied animal communication in the United States with the pioneers and authors in this field, and the area of metaphysics in London to increase her skills and knowledge. Though being able to communicate with any species one of her specialty areas is with horses. She began to realise the amazing intelligence of horses and the depths of relationships that develop between horse and the people that interact with them. Horses feel a vast array of emotions, just as we do and these emotions need to be expressed and understood for a successful two-way relationship to exist. Trisha soon found translating the thoughts and feelings of horses to their people made it much easier to find solutions for behavioural, health and in fact any issues that arose in any situation. Getting to the root of the problem and taking action often created instant success and less frustration whether competition, racing, recreational riding or just enjoying the companionship with your horse. She now runs successful horse clinics throughout Australia.

Stuart Mcgregor

Stuart McGregor has been described as the originator of modern osteopathy for animals. He qualified as an osteopath in 1984, studying at the European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone, UK. He grew up in farming and with horses, studying both agriculture and horse husbandry prior to studying osteopathy. In his dissertation at the end of his course, he applied the principles of human osteopathy to horses, quickly establishing that osteopathy works better on animals than it does on people, and that it applies equally well to dogs as it does to horses. This dissertation is the first known written piece on osteopathic technique for animals.

Stuart has been practising as an osteopath for people and animals for over thirty years. He has also been lecturing on the subject for over twenty five years, teaching osteopaths, vets, physiotherapists and chiropractors in the United Kingdom and Europe. Practitioners from all over the world have attended his courses.

Stuarts aim is to make these simple and basic techniques that are at the foundation of osteopathy, available to everyone. People should be able to do more to help maintain flexibility and mobility in their own horse, and help reduce the incidence of injury and long term joint stiffness or deterioration.

Stuart has commenced a research project on the subject of the equine joint and muscle mobilisation techniques used in osteopathy, and how they can influence joint and muscle function. The aim is to use gait analysis to prove that osteopathy can influence equine structure, and therefore improve joint and muscle function, and so improve performance. He has also developed a postgraduate study program to Master's degree level.

Dr Andrew Mclean

Andrew McLean holds a PhD in Equine Cognition and is widely considered the leading academic expert on horse training. This year he has been invited to submit a review of learning processes in horse training for the respected journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science and has published over 35 peer reviewed articles for scientific journals.

Andrew also has a strong competitive career in horse sports spanning 25 years. In 1989, Andrew won Australias premier Horse Trials, the Gawler Three Day Event, and represented Australia in Horse Trials that year. In dressage he has competed to FEI level and trained horses to Grand Prix as well as Grand Prix and Championship level in Showjumping. He has also held a race trainers license.

Andrew has been an equestrian coach for over 25 years and due to his broad knowledge of equine psychology, has coached some of the worlds greatest riders, coaches and trainers and reformed internationally competitive horses up to Olympic Games and World Championship level, as well as some top Australian racehorses.

Andrew has made original contributions to our current understanding of the animal mind that have been published in scientific journals, academic texts and as encyclopaedia entries. His book, The Truth About Horses, is Australias top equestrian international best seller and is available in Dutch, Spanish and Danish. Academic Horse Training and Equitation Science have reached world-wide and are used in many universities as a reference in Equine Science and Veterinary Science degrees.

Andrew is currently CEO of Equitation Science International, which hosts a registered online course that teaches riders, coaches and trainers how to train according to the horses ethology and learning processes.

Andrews goal is teach people the mechanics of training to increase training efficiency and promote horse welfare.

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Wendy Murdoch

Wendy Murdoch has been an internationally recognized equestrian instructor and clinician for over 30 years, authored several books and DVDs, and created Ride Like A Natural and the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program. She is one of the most skilled teachers encountered in any equestrian discipline. Wendys desire to understand the function of both horse and human, curiosity and love of teaching capitalizes on the most current learning theories in order show riders how to exceed their own expectations.

In 1984, while attaining her masters degree in equine reproductive physiology Wendy suffered a severe riding accident. Her self-rehabilitation started a quest to understand and answer the question of how to ride pain free, using the body as it was designed. Wendys uncanny ability to find and study with the best people in a variety of fields and her profound curiosity make her unique. Wendy combines her creative talents with her scientific training to break down larger concepts of riding into simple easy to do exercises for students of all ages, abilities and disciplines. Her ability to make learning enjoyable, engaging and fun through in-depth presentations both mounted and unmounted helps her students connect the dots and achieve their goals.

Her studies include apprenticeship with Sally Swift, extensive training with Linda Tellington-Jones, Dr. Joyce Harman, Jon Zahourek (Anatomy in Clay) and Dr. Hilary Clayton. To help her guide students towards better function Wendy became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and continues her study through MBS Academy and Dr. Feldenkrais first assistant, Mia Segal. Her fascination with the mind/body connection between horse and rider has led her to explore courses outside the equine world and bring that information to her students.

Her willingness to embrace new ideas led Wendy to develop the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program, which allows horses to reprogram their own brain in order to feel more grounded, secure and confident in order to become a more willing partner. This innovative Program is an extension of all that Wendy believes; we each have within us our own teacher that recognizes what is best for our own well-being. We simply need the options and opportunity to discover what we innately recognize and know.

Wendy writes articles for a wide variety of magazines, including Hoofbeats Magazine (Australia) and is a regular contributor to Eclectic Horseman Magazine. She is author of Simplify Your Riding and the Ride Like a Natural Part 1 3 DVD series, 50 Five-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding and 40 Five-Minute Jumping Fixes to Improve Your Riding.

Wendy Murdoch

Wendy Murdoch has been an internationally recognized equestrian instructor and clinician for over 30 years, authored several books and DVDs, and created Ride Like A Natural and the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program . She is one of the most skilled teachers encountered in any equestrian discipline. Wendys desire to understand the function of both horse and human, curiosity and love of teaching capitalizes on the most current learning theories in order show riders how to exceed their own expectations.

In 1984, while attaining her masters degree in equine reproductive physiology Wendy suffered a severe riding accident. Her self-rehabilitation started a quest to understand and answer the question of how to ride pain free, using the body as it was designed. Wendys uncanny ability to find and study with the best people in a variety of fields and her profound curiosity make her unique. Wendy combines her creative talents with her scientific training to break down larger concepts of riding into simple easy to do exercises for students of all ages, abilities and disciplines. Her ability to make learning enjoyable, engaging and fun through in-depth presentations both mounted and unmounted helps her students connect the dots and achieve their goals.

Her studies include apprenticeship with Sally Swift, extensive training with Linda Tellington-Jones, Dr. Joyce Harman, Jon Zahourek (Anatomy in Clay) and Dr. Hilary Clayton. To help her guide students towards better function, Wendy became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and continues her study through MBS Academy and Dr. Feldenkrais first assistant, Mia Segal.

Her fascination with the mind/body connection between horse and rider has led her to explore courses outside the equine world and bring that information to her students. Her willingness to embrace new ideas led Wendy to develop the SURE FOOT Equine Stability Program, which allows horses to reprogram their own brain in order to feel more grounded, secure and confident in order to become a more willing partner. This innovative Program is an extension of all that Wendy believes; we each have within us our own teacher that recognizes what is best for our own well-being. We simply need the options and opportunity to discover what we innately recognize and know.

Wendy writes articles for a wide variety of magazines, including Hoofbeats Magazine (Australia) and is a regular contributor to Eclectic Horseman Magazine. She is author of Simplify Your Riding and the Ride Like a Natural Part 1 3 DVD series, 50 Five-Minute Fixes to Improve Your Riding and 40 Five-Minute Jumping Fixes to Improve Your Riding.

Louise Nunn

After riding at pony club and successfully competing horses both within Victoria and Interstate, finishing school allowed for the commencement of a career born out of a hobby for Louise Nunn. Glenormiston College had started their Associate Diploma of Horse Management in 1979. The course was designed to give a well-rounded appreciation of the horse, their athleticism, reproduction of the species and just what was required to work in and manage horses as a business. Practical skills were developed and practiced on the horses bred by the college. Foals had to be weaned, raising two year olds had to be started, mares had to be hand served by stallions and some 320 days later foaled down.

For two years prior to entering college, Lou worked on thoroughbred stud farms, racing stables and equestrian stables to gain experience and a better appreciation of the size and scope of the sectors making up the industry. The completion of the Associate Diploma of Horse Management then prepared Lou for work in the industry as mare manager at a thoroughbred stud.

The experiences gained both prior to formal study and after completion of the course were invaluable in her application to gain employment at The University of Melbourne Glenormiston Campus. Some twenty odd years of educating through Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training courses has not dampened the enthusiasm Lou has for horses or the industry. Now as Head of the Program for the Bachelor of Equine Studies, Lou is helping educate the next generation of equine enthusiasts.

Colleen O'Brien

Michelle O'Neill

Michelle ONeill has spent her life training horses and people. From starting out riding on the family farm, to pony club, dressage and western events, she has experience in all aspects of the equine industry.

Horrified by the number of people getting short changed by bad horse sales and poor training she started Cherry Tree Equine in 2010. Starting Cherry Tree Equine has enabled Michelle to help many people in the horse industry; the business has seen Michelle do everything from helping people buy their first horse to getting them over their fears to helping them commence competing. Every day is a rewarding experience.

An experienced educator; Michelle teaches privately and also teaches Horse Industry at Taaffe NSW. She has her own column in HorseWyse Magazine called "Ask Michelle", which helps people with their horse problems, and is the co-producer of the DVD "Please...can I have a pony?".

Michelle has a strong reputation for instilling confidence in all her students. Her teaching covers her three basic principles; Consistency, Control and Confidence. Michelle believes that by being Consistent, riders are able to increase their Control, which in turn gives them Confidence. She does this using both ground and ridden work. In December 2013 Michelle gave birth to her first child. This has enabled Michelle to understand what many woman experience when they return to riding after having a child or taking an extended break from riding.

Lyndal Oatley

Barbara Padalino

Barbara Padalino is a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Veterinary Science of The University of Sydney. She works as researcher at the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Bari (Italy) and as lecturer in equine science at the School of animal and veterinary sciences of Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga (Australia). Her research interests span from equine internal medicine to animal welfare.

After graduating in Veterinary Medicine in 2002 from the University of Bari, she has worked as a fully qualified equine veterinarian in sport medicine, reproduction and surgery. She has been also a rider, driver and Standardbred horse breeder and owner; thus she has always been involved in moving both her own and clients' horses.

As a horse vet she has faced difficult cases of transport related diseases and has decided to study transportation to prevent these illnesses. Since 2011 she has conducted research on horse transportation and currently she is undertaking her PhD on the implications for horse health and welfare arising from transportation. She is member of the International Society of Equitation Science and the Animal Transport Association. She has presented her research at many international scientific conferences worldwide, and she has been an invited speaker in many seminars and workshops on equine behaviour and welfare in Europe.

Tanase Peckham

Tanase is an FEI dressage rider who has been riding for 28 years. As a young rider, she was selected to Australian and NSW Young Rider Dressage squads on a number of occasions. From 19 years of age she spent extended periods of time in both Germany and Holland for dressage training. Tanases trainers in Australia have been Harry Boldt, Rozzie Ryan and Clemens Dierks. Trainers in Europe were Rick Klaasen, Marion Wilimzig (George Theodorescu), Matthias Vatter. (Klaus Balkenhol) and Coby Van Baalen.

During her European visits Tanase became well aware that many of the top riders also traveled to Fitness Coaches to assist in strengthening their riding weaknesses and improve their cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Consequently, when she returned to Australia she decided to undertake the relevant qualifications to assist riders obtain their optimum riding skill and achieve their goals.

Tanase has also worked in one of the larger Maitland gyms as a Fitness Trainer assisting people from varied backgrounds to improve their health and regain their fitness. During her time at this gym many of her clients presented with injuries or relevant health issues. Tanase also works with riders in areas who do not have access to professional gyms or equestrian coaches utilizing online resources. Her purpose being to educate and assist riders in being able to recognize and correct postural imbalances and enable more effective communication with their horse, thus encourage happiness, harmony and a stronger partnership.

Dr Dietrich Plewa

Neil Pye

Neil Pye was one of Parellis inaugural Course Instructors teaching throughout Australia, NZ and the US from the mid 90s. What makes Neil unique is he did not come from a horse training or equestrian background, he is a product of this Parelli Program and is now world-renowned teacher, educator and presenter who has influenced and shared this methodology globally. He is a natural ambassador for the horse, for the people that love them and natural horsemanship.

One of Neil's career highlights was in 2005 when he led the presentation alongside Pat Parelli for her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, at the Royal Mews, Buckingham Palace. After being based for 13 years in the US with Pat and Linda Parelli, Neil has now returned to Australia and is based at the Sydney Parelli Centre, Wilton NSW.

Neil has the rare ability to decode and demystify horse behaviour, he develops confidence in horses and humans, helping students understand life from the horses point of view while keeping the study of horsemanship fun and entertaining!

Matt Raanstrom

Matt's interest in horses began at an early age and he was an avid rider through his teenage years enjoying trail riding, local stock work and pony club events. An aptitude for hard riding soon steered him in the direction of One Day Eventing and Endurance riding. The shoeing of these performance horses is critical to their success and Matt soon developed a keen interest in the biomechanics of corrective shoeing.

The quest to be a complete horseman and care for his animals in every aspect led him to pursue the art of horseshoeing. This involved working on various horse studs in northern NSW and southern QLD where he did time under a number of local farriers. During this time he became passionate about the Aussie sport of campdrafting and competed at many local competitions. Although learning the trade "cold", Matt would recall an older farrier who used to shoe his horses "hot". These shoeing jobs seemed to last longer and generate a better fit. In the quest to further his knowledge he worked under a Welsh farrier Tim Bowles who did his trade in a 300yr old blacksmith shop. Together they shod many "heavy" horses making their shoes from scratch from straight bar. This blacksmithing experience Matt believes helped him to become a more complete farrier.

On returning to Victoria, Matt's prowess at forging handmade shoes for Clydesdales was noticed by prominent Cranbourne farrier Peter Strafford who encouraged him to do the trade accreditation tests at Glenormiston College and gain VRC accreditation. This was duly completed in 1985 with a high score of 98% and the head farrier at the time Ron King offered Matt a teaching position at the college. With distance being a problem on the teaching offer Matt developed an extensive book of diverse clients from dressage people to the western riders, specializing in hand made sliders for the Reining mob. For over 10 years he also shod the working Clydesdales on the Dalmore asparagus fields one of the last facets of farming that still used the working horse in production.

Over the years, a desire to be the best tradesman he could be, has lead Matt to refine his skills. Each horse is as important as the next, whether it is a $500 hack or a racehorse worth $500,000. To make a difference and assist the comfort and working life of his equine clients, remains the major goal of Matt the Farrier as he is known to hundreds of horse owners.

Jim Ruder

Warwick Schiller

Warwick has been training horses for over 20 years, initially focusing on reining and other performance horse events. Along the way Warwick studied many other top trainers and their training styles and methods, picking up certain techniques that he put to use in his program. After a while he figured out that all of the techniques that successful horse trainers used adhered to the same set of principles. Quick to admit that these are not his own principles, Warwick has had much success applying them to his training and teaching.

Warwick's skill is his ability to easily explain these principles to every horse owner in a way that is easy to understand and put into immediate practice. His business is called Performance Horsemanship because as Warwick explains, "Everything I do has 2 purposes. One is the refinement or "Performance" aspect, and the other is the safety or "Horsemanship" aspect. I don't feel those 2 things can be separated, like they are 2 different things." Warwicks goal is to educate horse owners so that they can produce a quiet, responsive performance horse no matter the discipline or breed.

Warwick spends his time traveling all over the world conducting his popular Performance Horsemanship & Problem Solving clinics, Presenting at Horse Expos and filming videos for his YouTube and Online Subscription Video channels.

Linda Shore

Linda Shores' 28 year career as a full time equestrian, breeder/coach/competitor, has given her the opportunities to acquire and integrate knowledge and skills of the dressage horse and rider, and to share this with other passionate horse-people.

Linda established River Range Warmblood Stud in Rockhampton, Central Queensland in 1988 with the purchase of 3yo warmblood stallion, Northern Classic, and he was the first horse she trained to successfully compete at FEI level dressage; and has since enjoyed the challenges of training a number of other horses up to and including Grand Prix level. In 1991 Linda travelled to England and France to study dressage and was inspired by the classical side of dressage training and harmony between horse and rider. Promoted through the lightness of the aids and contact.

Lindas ambition is to educate and encourage equestrians to appreciate the subtle capabilities and vulnerabilities of their horses, and to develop appropriate skills to form rewarding partnerships in the saddle and on the ground. Linda offers riders skills and understanding that inform across various equestrian disciplines, both English and Western styles, in-hand as well as under saddle.

Following Lindas association with the newly imported Morgan stallion, Ranch Boss Cortez in 2006, she became interested in Western Dressage, and soon became passionate about what this discipline could offer the rider who was not interested, or able, to own a classical dressage saddle or ride a big moving horse; and particularly how any horse can benefit from classical dressage training to advance its fitness and rideability. In 2013 Linda presented western dressage at EQUITANA for the first time, exciting riders about this new discipline. Linda was a demonstration rider for the USA guest presenter, Lynn Palm, at EQUITANA 2014. Linda currently regularly conduct clinics throughout Australia for English and Western dressage and general horsemanship

David Simons

Sandi Simons

Sandi Simons was a typical country kid that would jump on any horse and ride! But like many women she discovered once she got a little older, became a wife and mother of five (yep five!) along with discovering how to overcome her own disability of spinal disease, she developed an innate sense of self preservation, thus leading to her own loss of confidence. Using her own experiences and unique style, incorporating some of the training methods of her husband David Simons, Sandi has helped hundreds of women regain the confidence to get back in the saddle whilst enjoying a safe and harmonious relationship with their horses.

Sandi's insightful, compassionate nature makes her a truly unique coach who is now providing a training system that has been sadly lacking for those that have struggles within the equine world.

Tom Simpson

PhysioTom, a human and equine physio, completed his Masters in Animal Physiotherapy in 2005 and now works for some of the most esteemed and successful racehorse and performance stables throughout the country. With a recent trip to Ascot as a resident physio for Gai Waterhouse, PhysioTom has the experience and knowledge to work with horses all shapes and sizes and in all disciplines. Working in collaboration with farriers, chiropractors, vets and saddle fitters, equine welfare and back health is paramount in the day to day running's of PhysioTom's practice. With his wealth of knowledge of the biomechanics of the horse and his understanding of a horse in full flight and range of motion, his educational lectures are not to be missed.

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Dan Steers

Dan grew up in Western Australia and was first introduced to horses in his early teens. At the age of 15 he began working for master farrier and accomplished horsemen, Pete Webber. Here Dan began to develop his skills as both a horseman and farrier. At 17, Dan began working for cutting trainer Corry Holden in Cobram, Victoria Australia. He spent 6 months starting and training young horses. During this time Dan was recognized as a rising in the show ring due to his winning many senior junior level cutting events.

In 2007 Dan won the ACA Western Australian Reserve Champion Open Campdraft Rider. Dan continues to be actively involved in Campdraft judging where he is able to invest back into the sport he loves. In early 2002, Dan returned to West Australia and began working at Taunton Vale, a large Thoroughbred and Australian Stock Horse farm. While at Taunton Vale, Dan was involved in all aspects of breeding, training, showing and yearling preparation. After leaving Taunton Vale Dan persisted in his quest to improve his skills and remain a well rounded horseman, by continuing to shoe all breeds and disciplines of horses and working closely with local veterinarians, all while managing a 10,000 acre cattle property.

By this time, word of Dans abilities and talents had spread throughout the local horse community. At the request of local horsemen, Dan began conducting regular horsemanship clinics in addition to his other responsibilities. In 2008 Dan joined his good friend Dan James at El Caballo Spanish Horse Centre, Wooroloo West Australia. Here, they hosted The Dan & Dan Show each weekend. Through performing Dan continued to refine his showmanship and training skills. Dan & Dan relocated their training business to North Arm Cove, New South Wales Australia in 2009 and Double Dan Horsemanship was born.

Dan has a passion for starting and training horses as well as performing to a wide audience. He aims to educate and enlighten people across the world as to the ways of successful horsemanship.

Nicole Stewart

As the Performance Coach for Australian Paralympic Gold Medallist, Joann Formosa, Nicole Stewart understands that our two most valuable assets are between our ears and in our chest: our mind and heart. Also an FEI eventer and aspiring Olympian herself, Nicole works with riders from aspiring to elite level around the world to help them unlock these two powerhouses for themselves and achieve Peak Performance like never before!

In 2008 Nicole had a full rotational fall which sent her into a tailspin. Fortunately her and horse walked away from the experience with little more than a few stitches between them, but what was really damaged was her confidence. Through that experience Nicole learned that it was not going to be good enough to get back on the horse, kick and hope for the best - she was going to have to learn to get her mind on the right track and work with her team to become the rider that she is determined to one day be.

Since her accident in 2008, Nicole has relentlessly pursued any opportunity which would take her closer to being the best that she can be, both on and off the horse. She has spent 18 months as a working student under Aussie eventer, Megan Jones; as well as two years based with Australian Show Jumping Coach, Jamie Coman. It has been her refusal to live a life based on any one elses terms, combined with her commitment to her own vision that has taught her the importance of determination, conviction and the ability to think outside the square. Truly passionate about human potential and driven by growth and empowerment, Nicole draws on her vast experience as a Peak Performance expert, competitive rider and entrepreneur to inspire transformation in her clients at all levels of equestrian sport.

Caleb Stringer

Dirk Stroda

As the Medical Coach Physiotherapist and High Performance Mental Coach, Dirk Stroda helped international athletes and National Teams towards 13 Olympic Summer & Winter Games, many World Championships and PanAm Games and countless National Championships. His perspective as a former competitor, physiotherapist and mental coach uniquely qualifies him to understand the physical and non-physical (mental) aspects that go into a Championship performance. Stroda coaches Canada's Top riders at WEG and 2015 Pan-Am Games and towards Rio 2016.

David Telfer Wood

Graduating forty years ago from Bristol University, David has spent roughly 20 years in equine clinical veterinary work in several countries and 20 years in nutrition. As vet to the Brunei Royal Family for over a decade he had charge of over 1000 horses in a purpose built complex of 450 stables and two world class equine hospitals which he designed and operated.

Migrating to Perth in 1992 he linked up with Horsepower and established his own export business, working with clients in a dozen countries from the Gulf, through S.E. Asia and up as far as Korea. These included Royal Stables, National Equestrian and Endurance Teams, Polo and Equestrian Clubs, stud farms, riding schools and Thoroughbred Breeding and Racing Associations.

Now providing nutrition advice to several of Australia's leading Thoroughbred studs as well as the general horse owning populace, David retains a keen interest in all aspects of horse nutrition and encourages simple, safe and practical feeding systems. His current interest is in the equine microbiome and its influence on colic and horse behaviour.

Joanne Verikios

Joanne Verikios is an accomplished author and speaker, experienced horsewoman and champion athlete. Joannes earliest ambition in life was to be a bareback rider in a circus. Although she never ran off to join the circus, after working her way through the Pony Club ranks, she earned the qualification of Pony Club instructor at the age of sixteen. A highlight of her early riding career was being a member of the Downs Pony Club team that won the Duke of Edinburgh Pony Club Games Championship in 1972.

Joanne later qualified for an Australian Owner Trainer Permit to train and race Thoroughbreds. In 1984 she founded the Highborn Warmblood Stud, where she was stud manager for 16 years. The horses Joanne bred went on to win both under saddle and in breed classes, including Royal Show Championships. They included the stallion, Highborn Powerlifter, who passed Colt Selection and Performance Testing with flying colours.

In addition to serving on several horse sport committees and officiating at many shows and events, Joanne is a past Federal President and Federal Registrar of the Australian Warmblood Horse Association, which she continues to serve as a Classifier and Classifier Trainer, Judge and Judge Trainer and National Assessment Tour Australian representative. In recognition of her outstanding contribution and commitment to the Association for over 30 years, Joanne was granted Honorary Life membership in 2015.

Joanne was also an Australian Powerlifting Champion, holding State, National, and Commonwealth records. Twice, Joanne represented Australia at the Womens World Powerlifting Championships and was ranked seventh in the world both times.

Joanne has published articles in many publications including Hoofbeats, Horsezone, Horses & People, The Horse Magazine, Australian Horse and Rider Yearbook and Hoofs & Horns. Joanne is the author of Winning Horsemanship. A Judges Secrets and Tips for Your Success.

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