Horsemanship Masterclass with Stacy Westfall presented by Imperial Floats

The story of how a totally horse-mad American girl grew up to be a champion and living legend in the Reining world, a record breaker in a colt-starting competition, a YouTube sensation and a popular guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show is normally the story of fiction. But in the case of renowned trainer, clinician, author and competitor Stacy Westfall it is true. 

Stacy Westfall is a reference in the world of horsemanship and training – who hasn’t seen the video of her amazing bareback and bridleless ride on the mare Roxy in the 2006 All-American Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining competition? She was also the first woman to compete in, and win, the prestigious Road to the Horse colt-starting competition.


Her ability to develop such strong partnerships with her horses, and her approachable down-to-earth attitude and honest personality are attracting riders from all over the world to her clinics and demonstrations.

She and her husband, Jesse, own and operate Westfall Horsemanship, a training facility in Ohio, where they live with their three boys.

In 2018 she plans to present at only two expos and her visit to EQUITANA Melbourne in November will be the only demonstration outside of the United States. It is therefore a privilege and honour to see her return to EQUITANA for the second time after her first visit in 2011.

Stacy makes it easy for her students to understand and follow her techniques; it is something she has inherited from her own mother, who not only taught her how to ride, but also how to feel empathy and “think like a horse”.

Stacy’s passion is horses, horses and then horses and she is feeling at her happiest when, you guessed it, she's on a horse. It was always clear to her that her life would revolve around horses. She attended the University of Findlay in Ohio, one of the top colleges in the world for Equine Studies. It was there that she studied the traditional training techniques and fundamentals with some top instructors and got into reining with champion trainers. Her training philosophy is an extension of applying the techniques she picked up from these trainers and combining them with what her own horses taught her about the relationship horses can have with people.

Since her childhood Stacy has made it her mission to be the best student of horses she can be, and this has inspired her to actively pursue other disciplines such as mounted shooting, Western dressage and even classical dressage. The self-confessed big picture thinker likes to find the common connections between each discipline.

She describes her goal as follows, “Every horse that I get is another opportunity and I want to take each individual horse to its highest potential. Some of them don’t go as high as I train, but that is not a failure, it just means the horse has reached the highest level it can be at. My responsibility is that I don’t push it past what it is capable of. I want to continue learning and studying different disciplines; I would like to do more dressage and western dressage.”

“My goal for EQUITANA will be to explain to people how I see the horse world as a giant puzzle, and how all these different pieces sit together to make this beautiful picture of horses.”


Aqualuma Grand Pavilion
Sunday 1:30pm - 2:40pm - Horsemanship Masterclass with Stacy Westfall presented by Imperial Floats